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Aqualabtronix is a professional team of engineers, programmers and technologists

united by a common hobby - marine aquarium.

Our mission is to offer the non-standard and sometimes unique solution for aquarium automation

not  forgetting about proposed solution complete testing and its safety for you and your aquarium

Peristaltic pumps

High-precision peristaltic pumps with software control.

Special solutions for auto-change, auto-refill, calcium reactors.

  Osmosis Manager and Osmosis Manager TDS

Automatic system for the direct water filling the aquarium, "tails" drain 

and manage of the osmosis unit with control of leaks and water quality TDS measurements.


Plastic products

Useful and handy products for the aquarium hobby with a unique design  made of innoxious plastic .

Produced by 3D printing using FDM and SLA technology.


  Accessories, spare parts, consumables and optional components

Additional options, accessories, spare parts for peristaltic pumps, osmosis units, etc. 

Designe, engineering and fabrication of

the custom-made products

Various designed and custom made aquarium equipment.

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